PDP Gaming Launches REALMz Collection Diorama Controllers

Play the Game, Hold the Game

PDP Gaming is a controller and accessories retailer. Their products have both useful and attractive functions. I was lucky enough to review their wired Afterglow Wave controller. More recently, PDP launched a new series of controllers called REALMz.

The draw to the REALMz collection is the diorama built in. They take the transparent hardware design of the early 00s and mash it with licensed characters. These REALMz controllers are Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired. Each variant has a different Sonic character and background in the controller.

PDP Gaming

This PDP Gaming series has five controllers for Nintendo Switch and one for Xbox Series X|S. For Nintendo Switch, there is a blue controller with Sonic, a yellow one with Tails, and a red one with Knuckles. There are wired and wireless versions. The Xbox Series X|S controller has a different Sonic design, wired. They also has a wired REALMz headset for Nintendo Switch, also with designs inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog.

Not only does this collection have unique visual features, but the products are pretty inexpensive, compared to standard counterparts. Nintendo Switch Pro controllers will cost you $70. The REALMz controllers from PDP Gaming cost $60 (wireless) and $40 (wired). A wired Xbox controller will cost $60, but again, $40 from PDP (wired).

Do you like this diorama-style, transparent hardware? Let us know in the comments.