Xbox Consoles are “Carbon Aware” After Upcoming Update

Xbox Green

Microsoft’s console series has been synonymous with the color green in gaming since its first iteration. Now, Xbox consoles are about to become green in a whole new way. The next update rolling out will change the timing of maintenance and downloads to be more “carbon aware”.

For a long time, Xbox consoles have had quick-startup and other energy saving features. In a blog post, Xbox has outlined how their new feature intends to work to be even more energy efficient. These effects are already active for Xbox Insiders, starting today.

Xbox Consoles

The crux of this new “carbon aware” feature is timing. Xbox consoles connected to the internet can automatically update software and games. The new update will prioritize hours when it can make the most use out of renewable energy from your local grid. This reduces CO2 emissions and fossil fuel usage.

While many players enjoy the Sleep mode for their consoles, there is an energy saving option that they can make use of. A full shutdown setting will obviously save more energy, Sleep mode allows for consoles to be partially active for quicker startups. With the next update, you can set an Active time for consoles in Sleep mode.

Selecting Active Hours will set a time for when your Xbox consoles are in Sleep mode. Outside of Active Hours, the console will be in full Shutdown mode, saving energy, but not allowing for fast startups until Active Hours.

Xbox Insiders can make use of these new features now, but regular users will have to wait until the update launches on a wide scale.

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