Behold the Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses

Can I Pay in Gil?

We at COGconnected are still sifting through all the news from the Game Awards. It is a night of announcements, reveals, trailers, and I guess some awards. In the endlessness of Square Enix RPGs, we got a new look at Final Fantasy XVI. Now, fans have all the information they need about its release.

After the new trailer was released last week, Square Enix released all the information regarding the different editions and what additional content comes with them. There is the Standard, Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition, plus the pre-order bonuses.

Final Fantasy XVI

Pre-ordering the Final Fantasy XVI Standard Edition gets you the Cait Sith Charm accessory, which boosts the gil you receive. It also comes with the Braveheart DLC weapon. The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack. If you pre-order it, you get the above pre-order items, plus the Scholar’s Spectacles, which boost your exp.

The Deluxe Edition, which is physical, comes with a cloth map of the world, a steelbook case, and a Deluxe package. It does not appear that pre-order bonuses come with this edition.

Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition comes with a bunch of physical items. On top of the cloth map and steelbook case, you will also get a Metal Pin Collection of all the Eikons. The big ticket items is the premium statue of Phoenix vs Ifrit. It also comes with a code for the Blood Sword item and a collector’s box.

If you pre-order the Collector’s Edition, you will get the digital soundtrack and artbook, Scholar’s Spectacles, a pre-order steelbook case, and the Realms of Valisthea Wall Banners.

Final Fantasy XVI comes out on PS5 on June 22nd, 2023. You can begin pre-ordering on December 12th.

Which edition will you get? Let us know in the comments below.


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