Turn-Based Strategy Moonbreaker Has Released Into Early Access

Turn-Based Strategy Moonbreaker Has Released Into Early Access

Unknown Worlds is a video game developer that has released popular indie titles such as Subnautica: Below Zero and Natural Selection. Krafton Inc. is a video game publisher that works with various studios to produce quality games. The companies have announced that Moonbreaker, a turn-based strategy game, has released into early access. It is available on PC via Steam at the price of $29.99USD. Fans can purchase the Deluxe Edition, with the Founder’s Pack, for $55USD.

In the game, players will jump into a unique tactics game set in an expansive universe created by Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy and sci-fi author. Players will be able to lead their units into combat and compete against players in online and offline modes. Furthermore, players will be able to evolve their skills across various game modes and customize their army to their liking by adjusting the colors, finishes and much more. The developers gave fans a glimpse into the game’s story and customization options in its early access trailer. The possibilities are endless in this unique world as players can lead their team to victory in various ways.

Early Access was a major topic for discussion in the video game industry. However, over the past few years, many developers have used to to their benefit and produced quality games are periods in early access. Fans can remain hopeful that the team behind Moonbreaker uses the service for its proper purpose ahead of its official release.

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