Action FPS Neon White’s Demo Will Be Available From Tomorrow

Action FPS Neon White’s Demo Will Be Available From Tomorrow

Annapurna Interactive which was formed in 2016 has assisted many developers bring their creations to life. Some of their more notable titles have captured the hearts of fans and won BAFTA titles. These include Florence and Outer Wilds. The company has now partnered with developer Ben Esposito to produce Neon White. Ben Esposito was involved in the creation of What Remains of Edith Finch. They have announced that Neon White will have a playable demo that will release as part of Steam Next Fest on Monday, February 21st. The demo will be playable until February 28th.

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To celebrate the demo, the game’s developer, Ben Esposito, will be hosting a livestream at 11:45A.M. PT. During the livestream, the developer will focus on the game’s development process, the playable levels and what players can expect when the game launches. Neon White is set to release on both PC and the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

In Neon White, players adopt the role of an assassin who has been removed from hell. He must compete against other demon slayers for a chance at redemption. Along the journey, players will collect Soul Cards that will be used for abilities and more. Additionally, masters of the game will find shortcuts and unique locations across the map to achieve the best times available.

Furthermore, players will meet and learn about other assassins. In discovering these mysteries, there will be many revelations. Did you know these assassins in previous lives? All these questions will be answered.

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