Twisted Metal Reboot Is Apparently Changing Developers

If reports are true, it sounds like the Twisted Metal reboot is getting a new developer. Lucid Games, the developer behind Destruction AllStars, was originally behind the development of the reboot. While it isn’t clear why the development shifted, I have to feel the poor performance of Destruction AllStars is behind it.

Destruction AllStars didn’t exactly light up the charts. More importantly to Sony, the critics also didn’t care much for it. With Sony turning Bend Studio down for a Days Gone 2 despite it selling well tells me Sony wasn’t thrilled with Destruction AllStars.

twisted metal revival david jaffe

The studio that is currently working on the Twisted Metal reboot is unknown. All we know right now is it is one of Sony’s first-party studios in Europe. Whichever studio it is, hopefully, they are able to create a fun and frantic experience.

I’m sure Sony wants this to be a hit since they also have a Twisted Metal TV show coming out. Having a hit TV show out to go with a hit video game would be an excellent boost for Sony on two different fronts. I have no idea if either will be good, but it seems clear that Sony cares about the quality.

twisted metal lucid games

I do feel a bit bad for Lucid Games, however. Destruction AllStars wasn’t great, but losing the chance to learn and grow from that game has to sting a bit. It wasn’t a horrendous experience. The studio clearly has some talent. Hopefully, they are able to bounce back from this and create a fantastic experience for their next game.

I’m not sure when we are getting this Twisted Metal reboot, but I’m hoping for the best for it. I’ve never played Twisted Metal before, so this would be my first experience. I also hope the TV show is great. I’m not sure at all about that, however.