Sledgehammer Games Announces Upcoming Nerf To Incendiary Grenades

Sledgehammer Games Announces Upcoming Nerf To Incendiary Grenades

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest iteration in the iconic series. Vanguard took fans back to the hectic days of World War II, with new weapons, maps and more. Since its release, Sledgehammer Games has come under fire for a litany of reasons. Both the competitive and casual communities have found that Vanguard is a step back in the franchise. However, the company is making steps to improve the game following the Christmas break. In an upcoming update, Sledgehammer Games has announced that incendiary grenades will be changed. Furthermore, there will be two new ways to fight fire with Fortified and Dauntless.

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In Core Game Modes, players can now survive incendiary grenades as its damage has been reduced. Furthermore, players will now have two new ways to deal with fire in Vanguard. Fortified will significantly reduce damage from fire, including molotov hits. On the other hand, Dauntless will grant players immunity while moving through fire. However, Dauntless will not protect players from the original hit.

The developers go further, via Twitter, to state that incendiary grenades were intended for use in small spaces. Unfortunately, it was not properly balanced for small maps. The developers will reduce the area of effect for incendiary grenades’ smoke and flame.

In closing, Sledgehammer Games notes that it will continue to listen to player feedback and are fully committed to improving the multiplayer experience. Fans of the game believe that the upcoming change is only one of many that are required to make Vanguard fun.

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