Holy Purge Is an Upcoming Horror Co-op Game

Horror with Holy Purge

Have you heard of Phasmophobia? If you are a fan of horror and co-op, you likely have. Celeritas Games has certainly heard of Phasmophobia if their upcoming game Holy Purge is anything to go by.

Holy Purge is a 1-3 player co-op game with horror elements. Instead of ghosts, you get demons, werewolves, and witches. Personally, that is something that I find far more interesting. I’ve always been a fan of monsters. Ghosts have never done it for me horror-wise.

You have to work with your friends to overcome different beasts and explore a medieval village to collect items to reverse a witch spell. It is a good set-up, but it is all going to come down to how repetitive it is.

Key Features:

  • 1-3 PLAYER CO-OP: Play as Holy Priests in this online co-op experience where you must work together to stop the evil plague befalling a medieval village.
  • HOLY BRETHREN: Explore an open-world medieval village plagued by evil. Collect ritual items to reverse a witch spell.
  • WEREWOLVES AND DEMONS: Defend yourselves using holy crosses, silver, and fire torches. Work together with your fellow brethren and overcome an ancient evil spirit.
  • CLEANSE THE VILLAGE: Complete the ritual and cleanse the village plagued by evil.

  • REPLAYABILITY: Objectives to complete are randomized. Doors, ritual Items, and collectibles are randomized.
  • DIFFICULTY: The darkness rages and increases with speed as the game progresses so do the beasts of the forest who try to stop you.
  • NIGHTMARE MODE: For the ultimate challenge, complete the map within a limited time frame before the village is entirely consumed by darkness.

I’m interested in knowing more about Holy Purge. I like the classic horror elements, I like the medieval village, and I like the idea of exploring while being hunted by different creatures. Right now, I just need to see more.

Source: Press Release