Retro Platformer Alwa’s Legacy Has Officially Launched On PlayStation 4

Retro Platformer Alwa’s Legacy Has Officially Launched On PlayStation 4

Elden Pixels was founded in 2016. The company has released various titles since then and seeks to be a purveyor of boutique game releases. Developer Elden Pixels along with Clear River Games have teamed up to release the critically acclaimed platformer, Alwa’s Legacy. Alwa’s Legacy is a metroidvania platformer that gives fans a hefty dose of nostalgia. The game has released on the PlayStation 4 at the price of $17.99 / £13.99 / €14.99. Furthermore, the title has already released on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Life labelled the Switch version “the special sort of game that only comes around once in a great while.” Are you ready to find out why?

Mikael Forslind, Game Designer for Elden Pixels, is excited for the PlayStation release. The designer stated, “We’re excited that PlayStation players can finally check out Alwa’s Legacy, as we know there are plenty of players on this platform who love a good, old-school metroidvania romp!”

Alwa’s Legacy is a sequel to Alwa’s Awakening and builds upon the events of the first title. Zoe must embark on a journey to save her home, Alwa. Zoe finds the world to be familiar, yet different. To save her home, she must meet the elders and mysterious people and lift the curse placed upon them. Are you ready to save Zoe’s home?

In Alwa’s Legacy, players will face a variety of challenges. The metroidvania classic is filled with puzzles, dungeons and magical items to be found and utilized. Additionally, the development team has employed a unique, pixel art-style with a modern twist.

What are your thoughts on Alwa’s Legacy? Do you enjoy classic games? Are you excited for its release on PlayStation 4? Will you be playing it? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

SOURCE: Press Release