Star Wars Squadrons, Ghostrunner, Alien Isolation and More Free With Twitch Prime

Three Great Games and Some Indies Free This Month

Twitch Prime is giving three great and mainstream games – Star Wars Squadrons, Ghostrunner, and Alien Isolation – out for free this month.  Although Star Wars Squadrons is probably the most well known for being the flight sim set in the Star Wars universe published by EA, the platformer Ghostrunner and the survival horror game Alien Isolation are just as good, if not better.

Stars Wars: Squadrons Trailer

Prime Gaming, alternatively known as Twitch Prime, is a benefit that comes with Amazon Prime.  Usually, it gives bonuses and packages for a variety of games, in addition to new free games each month.  Fortunately, the three games which have arrived this month are well-known and extremely good.

Star Wars Squadrons presents a first person space combat game where you can play as either the Galactic Empire or the New Rebellion.  Widely acclaimed for its flight mechanics and multiplayer, the game even has a singleplayer campaign where you can get the perspectives behind two pilots from the Empire and Rebellion.  Even better, despite the game being published by EA, it contains no microtransactions and is not a live service game.

On the other hand, Ghostrunner is an action parkour game set in a cyberpunk environment.  Considered a successor to the Mirror’s Edge games, you have a variety of movement options, including wall-running and grappling.  The game is considerably more action oriented than Mirror’s Edge however, as you are given a sword and can slow down time to dodge enemys’ bullets.  Finally, Alien Isolation is a stealth and horror based game set in the Alien franchise universe where you must evade an Alien creature, much like the first film.

Prime Gaming will give the key for Star Wars Squadrons on the Origin Store, the key for Ghostrunner on GOG, and the key for Alien Isolation for the Epic Games Store.

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