Easy Anti-Cheat Adds Linux Support Ahead of Steam Deck Release

EAC Support to Make Over a Hundred Games Compatible with Steam Deck

One of the biggest Steam Deck concerns was the lack of anti-cheat support for Proton, the compatibility layer for Linux.  As some of the biggest Steam games utilize Easy Anti-Cheat, such as Apex Legends and Dead by Daylight, Easy Anti-Cheat was a major roadblock to the success of the compatibility of games on the Steam Deck, as well as the success of the Steam Deck itself.

Valve Portable Steam Deck
Valve Portable Steam Deck

Easy Anti-Cheat, as explained by its name, is a modern anti-cheat application for multiplayer games.  As mentioned before, it is one of the more popular anti-cheat applications and is used in a variety of games, from shooters such as Fortnite and Fortnite to MMOs such as Black Desert Online.  Although Valve had previously announced that they would work together with anti-cheat providers to allow compapatibllity with Proton and Linux, the concern of Easy Anti-Cheat remained a big question mark for the success of the Steam Deck.

Today, Epic Games, the owning company of Easy Anti-Cheat, has added support for the service on Linux through Wine or Proton, as well as Mac.  If developers want to add compatibility for Linux, all they have to do is perform “just a few clicks in the Epic Online Services Developer Portal.”  The Steam Deck will use SteamOS, Valve’s own version of Linux.  Thus, this means that over a hundred multiplayer games will be granted compatibility with the Steam Deck – months ahead of its release.  This is a good sign for further compatibility for games on the Steam Deck, as Valve vowed to increase Proton compatibility upon the Steam Deck’s release.

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