Life Is Strange: Remastered And True Colors Will Arrive On The Switch

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Square Enix Ltd. is a well-respected, top company in the video game industry that produces, publishes and developers a variety of titles including Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, games which have been a staple in the industry for quite a while. Square Enix External Studios, based in London, establishes and developers new franchises and intellectual properties including series such as Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs, Outriders and of course, Life Is Strange. Life Is Strange was developed by Deck Nine Games, an independent video game developer that focuses on meaningful storytelling and rich gameplay, especially narrative pieces that enthrall fans as they enter an emotional journey. At E3, Square Enix, during their showcase, announced that Life Is Strange Remastered Collection and Life Is Strange: True Colors will both be coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Life Is Strange: True Colors DLC

Life Is Strange Remastered Collection contains remastered editions of Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, two games that took players on an emotional journey of different characters, wherein each decision results in a unique, different ending. Both titles will feature enhanced visuals, facial animation and improved character and environment details. Life Is Strange: True Colors was first announced in March and is the third iteration in the series. In this game, players follow the story of Alex Chen, who must understand her brother’s death while being able to feel and manipulate the emotions of others around her.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is set for release on the Nintendo Switch on 10th September 2021. Pre-orders for both titles will open at a later date.

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SOURCE: Press Release