Balance the Books with Empire of Sin: Make It Count

Mob Rule

From Romero Games and Paradox Entertainment, the Prohibition era gangster-themed strategy game Empire of Sin hit consoles and PC with guns blazing back in 2020 following significant delays. Now, Romero Games are gearing up to release the first paid expansion for Empire of Sin, Make It Count, adding new missions, new rackets and, of course, new gangsters.

Make It Count will introduce the new playable gangster Meyer Lansky, a smooth-talking boss who specializes in economics. Using trade deals and quick wits, the “Mob’s Accountant” can make peace with enemies or coordinate well-timed strikes on important locations. The game will also feature Lansky’s mentor Arnold Rothstein through a series of missions that bring the player through Lansky’s story. Along the way, you’ll also meet The Fixers – a group of five gangsters for hire that offer unique combat abilities and expertise in the loan sharking Racket. Through this Racket, you’ll be able to unlock new Blackmail opportunities over different characters and factions throughout the game

Make It Count is the first expansion since Empire of Sin’s launch last year. Brenda Romero, the co-founder of Romero Games, commented at the expansion’s announcement: “After all the work we put into patching the game in the past few months, we’re ready to explore new aspects of the game to give players more content to sink their teeth into.Make it Count, alongside the free Precinct update, brings new ways for players to play, manage and win as they build up their own Empire of Sin!”

Make It Count is scheduled to launch at the same time as the Precinct Update, bringing a wide range of new features such as mod support and a new city management layer in the form of Precincts, which spread across neighborhoods and allow further streamlining and more efficient management of your criminal empire.

Empire of Sin is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Mac and PC. The Make It Count expansion and the Precinct Update will launch later this year, with a release date yet to be announced.