Blade Assault Carves Its Way Into Steam Early Access This June

But Do We Get to Fight the Giant Robot in This Build?

There are some things a good rogue-lite needs to keep in mind when preparing to lead players to their deaths for the hundredth time. In our opinion, the most important things a rogue-lite needs are fast-paced combat, strong visual and sound design, an engaging world to explore, and a solid in-universe reason for the player character to be so willing to die. That reason can be anything from a quest for revenge to a need for escape to a desire that needs to be fulfilled no matter what–it just needs to exist and be something the player can get behind. In Blade Assault, the protagonists’ motivation is a desire to overthrow the corrupt military that rules their post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, which is easily one of the most relatable motivations anyone can have in 2021.

This upcoming 2D action rogue-lite platformer will place players in the shoes of four residents of the Undercity, where refugees have fled the mutant-infested world only to be crushed under the gleaming boot of the sky city Esperanza. In order to bring the corrupt to justice, you must arm yourself with unique arsenals of weapons and battle your way through armies of zombies, monsters, and corrupt cyberpunk foes. The Early Access version is expected to include 4 full chapters of the game, 4 bosses, 3 types of weapons, and over 50 different items you can collect and use to augment your characters’ abilities, which sounds like a great time to us. The game also features breakneck combat, stylish pixel art, and a driving electronic soundtrack.

“We feel that we’ve created something truly special,” said Team Suneat’s CEO Jun Hyeong Kim, “and that players will adore our uniquely mutated cyberpunk world and the fast-paced combat we’ve built. We can’t wait to work with our fans to make Blade Assault even better in the weeks and months ahead.”

Team Suneat will be focusing on player feedback and adding new content through the Early Access period.

Blade Assault will be available for Steam Early Access on June 7th, 2021, and on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation at a later date.

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