Outriders Plagued With Server Outages Following Release

Keep An Eye On That Server Status Site

Outriders is here! While working on our site’s review for the game, I ran into an issue affecting the entire playerbase – server outages. Yes, it seems like the game has been down and out rather frequently, following the proper release on April 1st. While we can’t confirm a connection, the outages and the long weekend have lined up pretty neatly. Perhaps there’s just too many people playing the game?


If you’re attempting to get into the game without success, you can check the server status site right here. The game’s servers were out of commission for significant chunks of Good Friday, a bit of release day, and also right now. It seems everyone had the same great idea I had, that a holiday weekend would be a great time to catch up on some Outriders.

On the plus side, the team at PCF has been very present and transparent regarding these issues. The status site is updated crazy fast, so you’ll know right away if something is afoot. Player backlash has been predictably severe, with a legion of bored players unable to grind for legendaries during Easter weekend. One assumes that the problem will work itself out if PCF isn’t fast enough, with thousands of people dropping the game out of frustration or impatience. Good luck logging on, and keep an eye out for our upcoming review! Outriders is out right now for PS4/PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and the PC.