Next Month’s PlayStation Plus Games Reportedly Leaked

Are These The Free Games For May?

PlayStation Plus has started offering some big titles lately – and not just big as in “An AAA game from two years ago,” but big as in “A recent release”.

Of course, this makes a lot of sense. Sony want to promote their slate of PS5 games, and what better way than to offer some of their launch titles for free? As such we’ve seen games like Manhunter, Bugsnax, and Oddworld: Soulstorm, all of which take advantage of PS5 features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and it looks like they might be continuing the trend with another launch title, Godfall.

Godfall is an Action RPG set in a high fantasy world where you take role of one of the last members of an exalted knight’s order working to prevent the apocalypse. The game received mixed reviews, but hey – if you were curious about it, this could be the perfect opportunity to check it out.

Also rumored to be a part of next month’s line up is Disco Elysium, a detective RPG that eschews traditional combat in favour of dialogue and skill checks.

It’s worth noting that while the leaker, Shpeshal Ed, does have a track record for accuracy, he specifies that this information doesn’t come from his usual sources, and he does remind us to take a big pinch of salt with the news.

The rumored PS4 games this month are Battlefield V and Stranded Deep, a survival game that tasks players with making a life for themselves after a plane crash in the Pacific Islands.

Of course, nothing is confirmed, and it’s worth noting that while Godfall and Disco Elysium are both options, it’s unlikely that we’ll get both, so maybe try to tamper your expectations.

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