‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken’ Starts Cooking Later This Year

Open Your Own Los Pollos Hermanos on Steam

Everyone loves fried chicken, right? What about something that’s Definitely Not Fried Chicken? What if it was something equally addictive, that you cook in a lab, and- it’s drugs. The chicken in this case is drugs. Dope Games and Merge Games are teaming up to help you start your very own (simulated) Kentucky Fried meth lab!

Definitely Not Fried Chicken

DNFC tasks you with making the maximum amount of that delicious drug money. Not only do you have to grow and distribute your product, but you need a legitimate business front to sell it out the back of. Chicken joints are a great start, but there’s other options! Maybe you’re more partial to laundromats or night clubs? At least in night clubs, a robust staff of burly security guards doesn’t seem weirdly out of place.

Fronts need regular staff, who need to not die in horrifying accidents or robberies gone wrong. So you need security, safety, and maybe health benefits? On top of the usual manufacturing and distribution concerns. The sky’s the limit! Well, that and the local legal code as it pertains to trafficking. Definitely Not Fried Chicken is coming to Steam sometime later this year. You can check out the reveal trailer, embedded below.

SOURCE: Press Release