Days Gone Is Making Its Way to PC, Along With Other PlayStation Exclusives

A Slate of PlayStation Titles Are Coming to PC

Historically, Sony hasn’t been known for their extensive library of PC games, however, that has started to change. Just last year we saw the release of Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding on PC –two titles previously exclusive to PlayStation. Well, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan more PlayStation titles will be making their way to PC, including the zombie action title, Days Gone.

days gone 1

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Jim Ryan spoke on the company’s change of heart regarding PC ports.

“I think a few things changed. We find ourselves now in early 2021 with our development studios and the games that they make in better shape than they’ve ever been before.” Ryan stated. “Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle our studios made some wonderful, great games. There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognize the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward.”

Ryan elaborates on how the increased cost of game development and the improved ease of porting these titles to PC makes it a “fairly straightforward decision” for the company to make.

When asked about the success of the Horizon Zero Dawn port that came out last August, Ryan states “Firstly, in terms of the straightforward success of the activity of publishing the game on PC, people liked it and they bought it. We also looked at it through the lens of what the PlayStation community thought about it. There was no massive adverse reaction to it. So we will continue to take mission steps in this direction.”

The interview also confirms a spring release window for a PC port of Days Gone –though no further information has been given at this point.

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