The Day Before Looks Like State of Decay Meets The Division

Is That Guy Wearing a Ghillie Suit in New York?

Earlier this month, we got our first look at the newly announced The Day Before. It is clear that this game draws from other successful titles like The Last of Us, which is not a bad thing. People love The Last of Us, but now developer Fntastic is giving us the chance to play a similar game with friends. We are now getting another look at The Day Before, which is more focused on the combat this time around.

The Day Before

Similar to the announcement trailer, this is a seamless shot of gameplay footage. It starts with some players in a New York townhouse before they make their way down the street and ambush another group of people. From what we have seen, it is kind of hard to tell exactly how challenging and punishing the game will be. In some cases, the player can take a few shots and be fine. On the other hand, other people go down after one shot. Is that going to be me, where I can just die instantly if I’m caught with my head down? Or is this orchestrated for “realism”?

We all know how multiplayer games can be; a ton of people jumping around and doing all sorts of goofy-looking, but effective movements. I guess my question is how much of what we are seeing in these trailers will be final product? How will the tone of this post-apocalyptic world remain once real people are playing the game? Obviously, this game is still in development and we don’t have the whole experience sitting in front of us. Hopefully, as time passes, we are able to see more of what the game will be like with our hands on it. The Day Before does not have an official release date, but is expected to come out on PC.

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