The “Uncharted” Movie and “The Last of Us” Series are Just the Beginning

PlayStation Have Some Big Plans

Over the past few decades, video games have evolved from a fringe interest into being one of the biggest industries on the planet. Every year the industry makes billions of dollars – over $134 billion as of 2018 – and people are slowly but surely realizing the potential for gaming as an art form, with more and more games getting accolades not just for gameplay and graphics, but for music and narrative.

We’ve seen a slow but steady stream of video games getting TV or movie adaptations, and not all of them have been good. For every adaptation that gets it right are a dozen shallow attempts at fanservice, and it’s a shame because a lot of these projects had a lot of potential and some, like Silent Hill, have even managed to be decent attempts that fell just shy of greatness.

Sony aren’t being put off by the spotty history of video game adaptations, as two of their biggest franchises are both inline for adaptations. Uncharted, taking its inspiration from the likes of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, is getting a movie starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake, while The Last of Us, taking nods from the likes of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, is instead getting a HBO adaptation, which will give the acclaimed storyline more time to breathe, and PlayStation boss Jim Ryan claims this is “just the beginning of the expansion of our storytelling into new media and even wider audiences.”

Hinting that there could be more PlayStation adaptations on the horizon, Ryan stated the team is “really thrilled to bring some of the best PlayStation IP to new media like film and television.”

What other games could we see? There are some obvious contenders, like Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon: Zero Dawn, but why stop there? Why not team up with, say, Supermassive Games or Quantic Dream and branch into interactive movies with real-life actors? Adapting two of the most critically acclaimed franchises is a great first step, so who knows what we’ll see in the future?

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