PlayStation Plus Games for February 2021 Revealed

Losing Control?

PlayStation Plus has been adding a balance of brand new PS5 games and established PS4 games for quite a while. Truthfully, I feel like every month has seen at least one big PS4 game – like this month’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider – and it looks like February is going to carry on with that same level, with one of 2019’s weirdest hits being among the free games.

The games are:

Control – An action-adventure by Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment, that puts you in the shoes of Jesse- a young woman searching for her lost brother who tracks her down to the Oldest House – home of the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control (An SCP Foundation by any other name) – which is under attack by the mysterious hiss. Luckily, the mysterious board promptly name her Director, and she gains an array of powers to help her along the way. Sadly we’re not getting the Ultimate Edition, but don’t miss this one.

Concrete Genie – This action-adventure sees you taking on the bullies who destroyed your sketchbook – and bringing beauty back to your polluted town – with the help of a magic paintbrush that brings your creations to life. Think of it as the sort of game that Studio Laika would make if they got the chance.

Destruction AllStars – The last offering is a destruction derby simulator that puts you in control of one of sixteen characters, each of whom have decked their cars out in specific ways to take on their opponents. Making things interesting is the fact that if your car is destroyed, you still have to survive on foot until you get a new car, with every character getting a unique trick to help them do so.

control 4 bridge

You’ll be able to play all three games on the PS5, but sadly Destruction AllStars is a PS5 exclusive so you’ll need to wait to upgrade if you haven’t already.

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