New Mario Party Reportedly in Development by NDcube

Get Ready to Lose Some Friends

Mario Party has a reputation of being the Monopoly of the video gaming world. It isn’t just a similarity in gameplay – and there are similarities in the board game aspect – but the level of competition both bring out. You want to feel true, unfiltered betrayal? Play Mario Party with someone you thought you could trust.

Still, the series is popular enough to have spawned a whopping seventeen games, including spin-offs, and at that point you have to discount the fact that it’s a Mario product – they could slap his face on toilet paper and some fans would call it revolutionary. Now, it looks like a new game is in development, if the above tweet is anything to go by.

The tweet shows an image of a recruitment brochure for NDcube, the developer behind Super Mario Party, as well as other games like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The brochure invites people interested in working on the next Mario Party game to come and work with the larger NDcube team.

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It might be a while before we get any public confirmation about the new game – after all, they’re still hiring staff, and that can mean that the game is quite a while away from being in any state close to being announced. Still, the Mario Party series has thrived with relatively simple gameplay, and is undoubtedly the most popular board-game inspired video game franchise on the market right now, and given NDcube’s previous work on the franchise the fact that they’re working on the next installment shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone. The question remains, though, what innovations can we expect from the new installment? Most likely we’ll see some new mini-games, but the possibility exists that we could see new rulesets. Let us know what you think in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.