Haven Brings the Sci-Fi Adventure Romance to PS4 and Switch Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

Until the Last Moment

Being in love is hard. Being in love in a sci-fi space opera setting is even harder. Suddenly, you aren’t just worried about whether they really like you or are just saying they do–you’re worried about gathering enough food on a desolate planet, watching each other’s backs in combat, and fending off the robots that are trying to apprehend you both as fugitives. Needless to say, Yu and Kay, the protagonists of Haven, have their work cut out for them. The pair crashland on an alien planet during a desperate attempt to get away from it all and promptly decide to start a new life together. Unfortunately, starting a new life is more difficult than it sounds, especially when the past won’t leave them alone.

Haven came out last month for PC (via Steam, GOG and Windows), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One (via Xbox Game Pass)–on February 4th, it will arrive on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. You can play solo if you’re forever alone and spending Valentine’s Day with your cat, or you can play co-op with your significant other or videogame-playing cat. Either way, the story is fantastic, even if the gameplay loop may be a bit disappointing. This cel-shaded adventure is stylish, sentimental, and filled with love. Plus, the whole ‘glowing boot tattoos that let you fly’ thing is pretty excellent.

We’d love to see that pseudo-fantasy aesthetic in more games. Especially if it lets you fly.

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