Rockstar Adding Music Locker Nightclub to GTA Online

Everybody Dance Now! Din. Din. Din. Din-Din.

If you have been aching for some fresh beats, you will be welcoming the next major GTA Online update. Introducing: the Music Locker. It’s not just the coolest new underground nightclub in Los Santos, it is an UNDERGROUND nightclub in Los Santos. That’s right, Rockstar is going to be adding the Music Locker underneath the Diamond Casino. Eagle-eyed players may have noticed some construction equipment around the casino recently, or maybe you have heard some deep, muffled sounds coming from below. That is the sound of a par-tay.

GTA Online

The Music Locker will be hosting performances by Moodymann, a real-life record producer and DJ, as well as a bunch of other DJs Rockstar will be added and rotated around. The club can be accessed by any player, but there is a special VIP area. It is unclear what that area will offer other than maybe some sitting room. Rockstar will also be adding new music to in-game radio stations and new radio stations in general. That’s great news for anyone who isn’t a YouTuber.

On the surface, the Music Locker update does not really hold anything interesting. There might be more to it than Rockstar is willing to share right now, but isn’t there already a job or set of missions where you own a nightclub? Are there going to be any missions or tie-in activities to the Music Locker? Rockstar does say that they are looking forward to sharing more in the coming days, but right now it’s about as interesting to me as a real nightclub. GTA V is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Are you going to head to the Music Locker when it opens? Let us know in the comments below.