Persona 5: Strikers Gets a New Trailer

Stealing Hearts and Kicking Ass

It’s safe to say that Persona 5 has become a phenomenon at this point. I love the game despite never managing to quite complete it because I get annoyed that my social links aren’t advancing fast enough, but that just goes to show just how great a game it is – I’m willing to redo dozens of hours of progress purely because I missed a couple of interactions along the way. Sure, the Persona series has been around for a while, but Persona 5 took what worked and improved it, adding in the palaces in addition to the randomly generated dungeons the series is best known for and touching on such issues as overwork, criminal justice reform, and social media in a way that never feels gimmicky or tacked on. It’s no wonder that we’re getting a sequel in Persona 5: Strikers.

The game sees the Phantom Thieves reuniting for a summer camping trip, only to be once again drawn into the metaverse, with a few key differences. Rather than breaking into palaces to induce changes of hearts, the thieves are this time drawn into jails, set up by people to induce changes of hearts in the name of fame, glory, or revenge. The game also has hack and slash gameplay as opposed to Persona 5’s turn-based combat, but given the first game’s massive success a tax program could name itself Persona 5: Return of the Phantom T4 and still get a couple of thousand sales.

The new trailer focuses on the English voice actors who portrayed the thieves watching clips of the game and reacting accordingly to all the madness. It’s definitely an endearing and interesting way to spread awareness of the upcoming game, and something that’ll get a lot of people talking before the game drops for PS4 and Switch in February.

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