New Live Action Fall Guys Christmas Ad Is Adorable

Or Terrifying Depending on How You Feel 6ft Tall Fall Guys

Tis’ the season for wholesome marketing campaigns. Never breaks out the sentimental side of capitalism like the Christmas season. You know what we mean, every year around this time company’s release new ads to warm the hearts of families all over and while some are actually pretty good–others are well, transparent to say the least. The incredibly popular Battle Royale by Mediatonic, Fall Guys, has now released their own Christmas ad and it’s a good one–unless you are scared at the sight of a 4 foot tall pink bean person breaking your stuff.

The commercial is only two minutes long, it is very cute and very silly–exactly the kind of marketing you would expect from a game like Fall Guys. It makes a few little references to Fall Guys mini-games, like Tail Tag and Fall Mountain.

The end of the commercial reveals that all players will be getting a Holiday Costume resembling Santa Claus for free! The Santa costume can be redeemed in game right now as it is available from December 21-25.

The commercial was made by the game’s publisher, Devolver Digital–who at this point is pretty well known for their unique and out-there marketing strategy. Just take a look back at their 2019 E3 showcase.

Make sure to take advantage of the free costume while it’s available and enjoy all the new content the Season 3 Winter update has to offer!