World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ Stunning Launch Cinematic Just Dropped

Beyond the Veil, Every Soul Has Its place

World of Warcraft is a juggernaut of the industry, and we’ve been looking forward to its next expansion for quite a while. After a round of delaysShadowlands is almost here. And it is gorgeous. The new cinematic trailer looks as good now as the original 2004 cinematic did at launch, and let us tell you, that is not an easy task. The trailer begins above the clouds and takes you on a journey through floating golden citadels, twilit forest paths surrounded by trees that contain galaxies, scorched battlefields, ominous castles, and finally a darkened jail cell. It’s jaw-dropping and terrifying in equal measure. We can’t wait to explore some of these locations ourselves. Just look at them!

Shadowlands is shaping up to be a good expansion for new players to jump into–a good thing, considering that World of Warcraft has been going for almost twenty years. That’s a lot of lore, characterization, and retcons to catch up on. A new point of introduction can only help. Plus, we’re expecting a massive level squish, which will make the goal of hitting that level cap a bit easier. Activision-Blizzard has even added a brand new starting zone where players can learn how to hop into this classic MMORPG.

In case you’ve forgotten, Shadowlands is being billed as something of a new start story-wise as well as level-wise. Instead of being hailed as an all-powerful hero, players will again be viewed as someone with great potential. We’re going back to pre-Cataclysm storytelling, which means you aren’t the savior of Azeroth… yet. The devs are promising the chance to experience a real hero’s journey, which sounds promising to us. We can’t wait to see how that wraps in with this gorgeous cinematic!

World of Warcraft Shadowlands

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launches on November 23 for PC.

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