Deals! Sweet Games For A Sweet Price Before Prime Day

Bargain Hunters Get Ready

Video games are great eh? Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and I am extremely thankful to live in an amazing era of gaming – there’s just so many to choose from! If you want to add a few more titles to your collection, there are some amazing deals coming up.

assassin's creed origins


Most obviously we have Amazon Prime day, which begins Tuesday, October 13th, at 12AM PT/3AM ET and will run until 11:59PM PT/2:59AM ET on Wednesday the 14th. This annual bonanza of reduced prices will be getting a lot of coverage, so be sure to check out the dedicated video games deals page on the Amazon website to pick up so great games for low prices. If the title you wanted is sold out, keep an eye on other retailers like Walmart and Best Buy, who often put on their own sales to match the shipping giant.

Amazon is not the only deal in town, however, with others stepping in to get ahead of the buying frenzy. The Insanity Sale over at Fanatical will go live on Monday evening and overlap with Prime Day, however its format is slightly different. Deals on Fanatical will have timers, so you have to get them while they’re hot or you’ll lose your chance. Fear not, however, as when one deal elapses it will be replaced by another! All the codes purchased in the Insanity Sale are for PC on steam, and if you check it out right now you’ll see¬† amazing deals on AAA hits like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Gold Edition for 78% off, or the excellent RTS Commandos 3: Destination Berlin for $1.09!

Gamestop, who recently made headlines for their multi-year deal with Microsoft, is getting in on the sales action with its online-only 1UP sale. Gamestop already have some great live deal, including buy 2 pre-owned games under $30 and get another 2 for free! The 1UP sale is similar to Fanatical in that the deals elapse after a certain time, with Gamestop switching out the selection every 4 hours – enough time to start your new game before checking back for more.

What games have you been waiting to buy in the sale? Let us know in the comments!