The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Launch

I Put a Spell on You

Good news horror fans – after a long wait, Little Hope is dropping on Friday, bringing The Dark Picture’s Anthology’s horror adventure series to a new setting: An abandoned town with a dark history of witch-hunts and spooky goings on.

Transporting the action from Man of Medan’s Ghost Ship, Little Hope follows a new cast of characters who are stranded in the eponymous town following an accident, only to find that their presence may not be as accidental as they thought as they contend not only with the supernatural events that have been plaguing the town but their own pasts, as they encounter their own doppelgangers from two different time periods.

The new trailer sheds some new light on what we can expect from the upcoming game, and also hints at paranoia being an important part of the game as it asks who players would trust. While both Man of Medan and Until Dawn have had you contend with the cast’s clashing personalities, there’v only been certain moments where trust has come into play: In Until Dawn, players have the option to kill the character of Emily should she be attacked by a Wendigo, although both games feature moments where the relationships between the characters can caused the (currently) non-playable characters to react in ways that can cause some issues down the line. For example, in Until Dawn players have the option to have Chris (seemingly) almost shoot Ashley, and doing so will ensure his death later on. Given that the newest game focuses on a town with a dark history of witch trials it makes sense if they decide to introduce some form of paranoia mechanic.

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Source: Press Release