The Epic Games Store Will Be Selling Total War Saga: Troy For Free When it Launches

The Deal of a Lifetime

The Epic Games Store has been on a roll for the past few months and it does not look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. They have been giving away games for free like they were Santa Claus. Recently it was Civilization VI, before that it was GTA V. These deals were generous enough as it is, but they were old games to be fair. However, today Epic Games and Creative Assembly have announced one of the most insane deals possibly ever devised.

A Total War Saga: Troy

A Total War Saga: Troy is going to be free for the first 24 hours after it launches on the Epic Game Store. Please take a moment so you can read that again. Maybe get up and walk around the room a bit, meditate, go for a walk, and really digest what you have just heard. Tim Heaton the Chief Studios Officer at Sega Europe had this to say about their partnership with Epic Games. “Not only does this mean that we can bring the tales and legends of Troy to a wide audience through Epic’s massive platform, but it also means new players will get to try Total War for the first time, experiencing the unique gameplay that the series is famous for.”

To add more fuel to the fire, Total War Saga: Troy is going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive for a full year. This move by Sega and Creative Assembly has come as a massive shock as Total War has become one of the most recognizable games on Steam. Every other Total War game before it has also debuted on the platform. It is not clear if relationships between Sega and Valve are souring. Regardless, this is a huge win for Epic Games.

Total War Saga: Troy is scheduled to launch on August 13th on the Epic Game Store.