League of Legends Will Introduce In-Game Ads For Upcoming Tournament

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One of the world’s most popular games League of Legends will soon be getting in-game ads that will be present throughout matches. This new addition to the game is going to be introduced for the¬†Championship Series which starts on June 13th. It is intended that these banners are going to serve as a platform for the various teams to give their sponsors the limelight that they want.

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As the e-Sports scene in League of Legends only grown and continues to attract more people, it was expected that they would adopt a format that is most commonly seen in traditional sports. However, this is probably not what fans of e-Sports had in mind. It is safe to say that judging from what was seen on Twitter about this decision, the community has mixed feelings about this. On one hand, there are those who are happy that professional video games are making more progress when it comes to being recognized by the mainstream and there are others who feel that this is a step too far. Regardless of the opinions of on-lookers, it doesn’t look like ads are going anywhere soon.

The ad banners will only be visible by the public as the tournament organizers did not want to somehow distract or obstruct the view of the actual players. There is also very little benefit to show a team their own sponsor as if they did not know who was backing them in the first place. Some big-name companies and organizations will be featured at this event as well. The most notable name probably being MasterCard.

If you are interested in watching the event live then make sure to tune into the live stream. Just like all of the other tournaments, it will be hosted by Riot Games.