Escape From Tarkov Has Started to Kick Players With High Ping

It’s Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business¬†

The well-known hardcore FPS Escape From Tarkov has started to kick players with high ping from their servers. While this might seem like a bit of an unorthodox policy, the developers are claiming that this is going to result in a better experience for the other players. Escape From Tarkov has exploded in popularity over the past few months and this sudden growth in the player count has been quite stressful on the servers.

Escape from Tarkov

The devs have made it clear that if your ping goes over 250 you will be given a warning that you are about to be booted from the game. You will have a couple of seconds for you to try and get everything under control. If the problem persists then you will be removed. However, this system will account for sudden spikes in ping. You will not get thrown out for brief moments of poor connection.

The main reason Escape From Tarkov has done this is because of how the lag tends to affect other players. Not to mention that sometimes lag can end up benefiting the player who has a bad connection. Anyone who has played FPSs for any amount of time will recall being killed by another player who is unintentionally teleporting around the map. This makes it almost impossible for you to shoot back.

Espace From Tarkov is about as hardcore as it gets, so making sure there is always a level playing field makes sense. The response from the community has been somewhat mixed. But the major concern seems to be people playing with long-distance friends. It looks like some players might need to call their internet provider and get a better connection.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.