Sony Reveals Full Specs for the PS5

It’s Speed and Performance All The Way Down

Much like Microsoft earlier this week, Sony showed off the full specs for the PS5. The information came to us via a detailed presentation by Mark Cerny, which was originally meant for this year’s cancelled GDC conference. The detailed specs reveal a system more or less on par with the Xbox Series X.

PS5 full specs mark cerny

Two of the major focus points for the presentation were the super-powered SSD and the new 3D audio hardware, the Tempest Engine. With a proposed read speed of 5.5 GB/s, the SSD will pretty much eliminate load times altogether. Which in turn, changes how the entire game is designed. So many staircases, elevators, and twisty passages will no longer be needed in order to let game assets load in the background.

And yet, even with all this power under the hood, the full specs for the PS5 come in slightly below what the Xbox Series X is showing off. Will this make any sort of difference to the players? Or are we walking into an exhausting Pepsi vs Coke scenario? Yes they’re different, but not in a way that matters. You can check out the proper spec breakdown below. At the moment, the PS5 is still set for release this holiday season.

PS5 vs Xbox full specs