Final Fantasy VII Remake Physical Launch Still Uncertain

Digital Release Is All Green, Though

COVID-19 is roaring through the globe like a fire in a dye factory, blowing up much of what we take for normal around here. Case in point, there have been some rumblings about the physical launch of Final Fantasy VII: Remake over the last couple of weeks. Is it happening? Is it going to be delayed? Will we ever see the sun again? A recent response from the company addresses none of these questions.

final fantasy vii remake hero

However, the post from Square Enix does assure us that the digital release of the remake is happening as planned. For people like myself, who have forgotten what the inside of a GameStop looks like, this is great news. For collectors, maybe not as good? The point is, we don’t know what’s happening to those tangible versions, and neither does Square Enix. Or if they do, they aren’t at liberty to say.

The post mentions that COVID-19 “is increasingly likely to affect the distribution and retail landscape in Europe, Australia and the Americas at launch on April 10.” Aside from that, we’re asked to stay safe and be patient until more news is disseminated in the near future. If this does result in a physical launch delay, what happens to all those pre-orders? Are they lost, like tears in the rain? Or will players be compensated and consoled in these trying times? We’ll keep you up to date as this develops.

FF7 Remake physical launch