EA Suspending All Live eSports Events Due To COVID-19

No Surprise

Another major company within the gaming industry announced they would be suspending all future live eSport gatherings due to the Coronavirus. EA has become the latest in a growing number of developers and publishers that have decided to pull-out from upcoming events.

In an announcement made by the Redwood City Company, it was stated that EA would no longer move forward with their plans to host the Apex Legends Global Series, Madden NFL 20 Championship Series, EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series, and the FIFA Online Live Events. Also of note, third-party events running under license from EA are suspended as well.

A statement has been posted on EA’s website, providing a bit of insight into the thought process going on currently behind the scenes:

“We will continue to monitor the situation around the coronavirus and receive updated guidance from health officials around the world, we will use this time to determine the next steps for moving forward with all of EA’s Competitive Gaming live events and online broadcasts.”

Also essential to keep in mind is that this only applies to events that were scheduled to have a live audience. We were given an update on the status of upcoming online-only events:

As reported, “The suspension, however, doesn’t apply to online events, where participants and staff are remote and separated.”

Madden NFL 20

Spain announced today a nationwide lockdown in hopes of containing the Coronavirus before it gets out of their control.

What are your thoughts on Electronic Arts canceling their upcoming live events? Were you planning on attending any of their activities? Will you still be attending their online-only events? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know. As always, stay social by following us on Twitter, and as long as you’re here, head over to our latest cosplay feature to see the stunningly sexy work of Khainsaw.