Hideo Kojima Drops New Death Stranding Teaser Trailer

It Makes About as Much Sense as You’d Expect

The mastermind behind Death Stranding is at it again. Hideo Kojima has just released a new teaser trailer on Twitter that appears to be Death Stranding DLC. The footage itself is confusing and hard to make sense of. But from what we can tell from the trailer, it looks as though Norman Retus’s character is running across as World War One battlefield. It’s weird and wacky. Something that we should all expect out of Kojima at this point.

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Only moments ago Kojima tweeted out this new trailer. A man of little words, he added the heading “COMING 2020.” Whatever it might be, we shouldn’t have to wait very long for it. There is no doubt already dozens of forums discussing this strange decision by Kojima. The Japanese video game celebrity has managed to gain quite a reputation for pulling stunts like this. If anyone knows who to work a crowd it would have to be him.

Death Stranding itself had a lot of hype surrounding it when it launched late last year. The community seemed to be divided right down the middle. Players either hated it and thought it was a glorified walking simulator, or that is was one of the best games of this generation. There did not seem to be much middle ground. This divisive reaction from fans is likely going to continue after this trailer.

Whether or not you like the style of Kojima or not there is no denying that Death Stranding is a least a marvel from a graphical standpoint. If you were a fan of story-driven games like LA Noire and Heavy Rain, you should check out Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is available for the PS4.