New Rainbow Six Event Unlocks All Operators and Offers New Map

Road To Six Invitational Is Arriving With Plenty Of New Content 

Rainbow Six Siege is going to be having a new event called “The Road to Six Invitational. This event will be giving the player base the chance to try out a new map as well as use all of the operators that are available in the game. However, this generous selection of characters to play will only be available on the new map. So you won’t be getting all the operators for free, you will still get a good chance to get a feel for anyone. This is a great opportunity to test out some operators that you might have had your eye for some time but was maybe hesitant about buying. Now you can find out for sure if said character fits your playstyle.

Rainbow Six Siege

The map itself takes place in a massive area and gives off a sort of training ground vibe. It looks like a pretty solid map that could quickly become a fan favorite. Next up is the new Battle Pass content. Those who chose to buy the Battle Pass will have access to a ton of new and exclusive content this season. The introduction of the Battle Pass has been controversial, but it does serve a role for those who are looking to get more skins and gadgets without spending in-game currency on packs.

All of this new content is in preparation for the Rainbow Six Invitational that will be held in Montreal, Canada from February 14th – February 16th. This is where the best players from around the world will come to duke it out in a cutthroat tournament. If you are into the competitive scene in any way at all then you won’t want to miss this.

Rainbow Six Siege is out on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.