Elder Scrolls 6 Could Be Gearing Up For Full Production

Is It Finally Happening? 

Since the 2011 release of Skyrim (yes, it came out that long ago) fans of the Elder Scrolls have been patiently awaiting the next installment in the much-beloved series. Skyrim was arguably the game of the decade and its predecessor has a lot to live up to. It also doesn’t help that the most recent games that Bethesda has churned out have either been a little underwhelming or downright horrible. Regardless of whether or not you are anxious about the next Elder Scrolls game, it could be entering full production right now.

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Thanks to a handful of job listings that have been sent out by Bethesda, it would indicate that they are gearing up for a major project. We already know that Elder Scrolls 6 has been underway for years now thanks to the E3 teaser that was dropped a while ago. However, now it appears that Bethesda is really starting to pick up the pace.

Next to nothing is known about the game. It’s setting, story and features are all a mystery at the moment. Fans are only left to speculate on internet forums of what we should expect to see when the next Elder Scrolls game finally launches. That being said it is almost guaranteed that it will launch on the next generation of consoles. Unless Bethesda pulls the biggest shocker of all time and releases the game sometime this year.

It is really important that Bethesda returns to form after Fallout 76. Bethesda used to have a great reputation amongst the gaming community, but that has been severely tarnished. Hopefully, they are able to create another game that can mirror the success and allure that Skyrim had. If the Elder Scrolls 6 flops like Fallout 76, heads are going to roll.