Yuji Hori Confirms Dragon Quest 12 Is in Development, Ahead of Schedule

So Many Quests, so Little Dragons

It appears that Square Enix has a monopoly on the most successful and beloved JRPG series. Between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, they must have like 50 games. For Square Enix, 2020 is probably going to be the year of Final Fantasy VII, again, but it should also be worth mentioning that Dragon Quest 12 is in the works. Yesterday, series writer and designer Yuji Hori announced on Twitter that there are a bunch of projects lined up, and that Dragon Quest 12 may be ahead of schedule.

Dragon Quest 12

The translation of his tweet roughly says, “happy New Year. Other than the ones listed below, there are still some things that I can’t say yet, but 12 seems to be a bit ahead. But there may be things that can be released before that. Thank you again this year“. There is also an image with some Japanese text beneath it. Supposedly this text hints at other releases besides Dragon Quest 12, but Hori says that it is farther in its development than planned. He also suggests that we may see other unannounced games come out before DQ 12.

Of course, all eyes are on Final Fantasy VII Remake, but since that game will pass by Xbox owners, at least you have the next Dragon Quest game to look forward to. No release date/window has even been hinted at, but maybe we’ll get more concrete news about it sometime this year. Obviously, no platforms have been mentioned either.

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Source: Twitter