Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Sales Stalling Out

Rockstar’s Western Epic Fizzling Compared To Similar PC Titles

Red Dead Redemption 2 did really well on consoles, much like a Rockstar game normally does. Millions of sales in the first month, accolades, acclaim, all that lovely nonsense. The recent PC release? Not so much. RDR2’s PC sales have been somewhat lackluster, especially compared to similar sized releases, within that first critical month.

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For example, Borderlands 3 sold 1.78 million units on EGS in the first 30 days. Whereas Red Dead Redemption 2 moved only 408,000 units. To be clear, neither game was available on Steam in that first month, while RDR2 was also available on the Rockstar PC launcher. For anyone who remembers the PC launch of Grand Theft Auto V, this feels a bit muted by comparison.

While it’s tempting to lay the blame on the game’s use of the Epic Games Store, Borderlands 3 hasn’t had that problem using the same launcher. So what gives? Time will tell whether Red Dead 2’s PC sales numbers leap up anytime in the future, or if this is just the way things go for good. All of this tasty data is courtesy of SuperData, who recently released their sales rankings for November 2019. Red Dead 2 didn’t even make the top ten, in case you were curious. That plum goes to League of Legends, followed by Dungeon Fighter Online and Crossfire. In fact, the first new release on the list is Jedi: Fallen Order, which came in at no. 6. you can see the rest of their ranking data here.