PlayStation Europe Reportedly Hit With Dozens of Layoffs

Multiple PlayStation Europe Employees Have Been Laid Off

Dozens of PlayStation Europe employees in divisions such as public relations and marketing have recently been laid off and several other employees will have to re-interview for their jobs, according to a recent report from Video Games Chronicle. There were also layoffs for a PlayStation creative services team based in the United States.

PlayStation Europe

Notably, these layoffs were announced on the same day as the PlayStation 5 announcement. However, according to the report, it doesn’t appear that this was an intentional attempt by Sony to control the news cycle by burying layoff news with the announcement of its next-gen console.

According to what sources told Video Games Chronicle, the influence of the US office of Sony Interactive Entertainment has grown “significantly in the past year” and this office “is increasingly taking the global lead”.

This has lead PlayStation Europe employees to believe that their office “will have a significantly reduced influence during the coming console generation.”