Dead Island 2 is Still Going to Happen, Just Under a New Developer

Dambuster Studios is Now Responsible for Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has been in development for a very long time. Its first-ever gameplay was revealed at E3 in 2014. But since then there has been very little progress made by the development team. So in order to help things finally move along, Dambuster Studios has been handed the torch and will be expected to create a finished product.

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THQ Nordic announced earlier this week that, “We have entrusted Dambuster studios with the Dead Island franchise, bringing the development of this key franchise to one of our internal studios.”

Dead Island 2 has changed hands many times throughout its turbulent development. The original team behind the first Dead Island game dropped the project entirely in order to go work on Dying Light. Yager Development and Sumo Digital both tried to push Dead Island 2 out but failed. So now it is up to Dambuster.

It should not be any surprise that there is no window for a release date at this time. The game could be under development for years before we hear anything of importance. There is always the unfortunate possibility that THQ Nordic will eventually pull the plug on the game. It is very rare that game survives this long in development, especially when the title has switched hands so many times.

The one thing that is reassuring is that THQ Nordic are clearly passionate about the game itself. Most companies would have scrapped the game years ago. This should tell us that whatever they have in store for us is of good quality. Or at least that they are confident in their product.

The original Dead Island, along with its sequels and different editions are all available on Steam. It’s a great game to play alongside your friends.