Gearbox Wants Dwayne Johnson to Be Claptrap in Borderlands Movie

Helloooo, Traveler!

The idea of a Borderlands film has been floating around since 2015. Those involved will say that it’s been “in development” since then, but nobody believes that. There hasn’t been and headway made in those four years. There have been whispers of a plot, loosely based on the game. Like, loose with a ridiculous amount of O’s. Anyway, the only thing that seems to be a safe bet is that there will be some familiar characters. A couple of these characters in the Borderlands movie we have seen in pretty much each game. Unfortunately, casting those characters seems to not have even moved passed the team’s fan-casting.

Borderlands Movie

The characters that the creative team behind Borderlands seem to have settled on are Lilith and Claptrap, and maybe Tiny Tina and Krieg. Apparently, Borderlands 3 creative director Paul Sage has someone in mind to play Claptrap. Speaking with VG24/7, as if it just came to him in the moment, he wants Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to play the unloved yellow robot. “I think The Rock. Yeah, The Rock has to play Claptrap!” I mean, yeah, sure! Dwayne Johnson puts 130% into every role and would bring a great energy to Claptrap.

As you may well know, the OG Claptrap David Eddings is out of the picture. After all the drama behind the Borderlands games, there is no way he would return to do a possibly non-existent Borderlands movie. The art director Scott Kester also threw out the idea that Bill Murray could play Claptrap, and while that idea is also really good, it just goes to show how far off any concrete decisions are. Borderlands 3 will be out on September 13th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on the Epic Games Store.

Do you think The Rock or Bill Murray would be good Claptraps? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: VG24/7