Doom Hunter Revealed for Doom Eternal at QuakeCon

Time to Hunt Some Doom

With a new Doom game slated for the end of this year, no doubt QuakeCon 2019 would have a bunch of Doom news. With the classic trilogy being surprise-launched on Nintendo Switch and a look at the new Doom Eternal gametype Battlemode, fans should be almost satisfied right? Well, how about a new enemy? The brand spanking new Doom Hunter is a half-demon, half-machine hellbent on slaying the Doomslayer. How the hell will players take this beast down? Probably with a cinematic takedown, actually.

Doom Hunter

A trailer was released at QuakeCon revealing the Doom Hunter. Some of the footage appears to be from the Doom Eternal campaign, where the player is first introduced to the creature. This enemy is the result of a machine enhancement. Its inferior demon legs have been replaced by environmentally destructive, gas-guzzling jets to mobilize it. It also has its left arm replaced by a flame-chainsaw and holds a cannon with its right. The Doom Hunters eyes are improved by being removed and instead has a digital targeting system. It also has missile launchers on its hips.

The rest of the trailer shows the new enemy in action, doing what it does best: making life hell for the Doomslayer. Doom Eternal comes out on November 22 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: YouTube