DOOM Eternal’s Multiplayer Will Provide the Same Slayer Experience as the Campaign

DOOM Eternal’s Multiplayer Is Set to Be as Satisfying as the Campaign

When the reboot of DOOM was released a few years ago, fans went absolutely nuts over it. That said, while the single player campaign was a glorious slayer experience, the game had its fair share of criticism where the multiplayer mode was concerned. With DOOM Eternal, id Software and Bethesda are looking to correct this mistake and make the sequel even bigger and better than ever.

Although the 2016 DOOM reboot offered a much more traditional shooter experience than fans were accustomed to, in a recent interview with VSC the developers are adamant fans will love both the single player and multiplayer modes of DOOM Eternal. DOOM Eternal brings a unique Battle Mode where one player, controlling the DOOM slayer, goes head to head over the course of three rounds with two other players who are the demons.

Creative Director Hugo Martin said that fans and critics alike will be happy with what they get with DOOM Eternal. “With Doom 2016 we learned that id has to lead and not follow when it comes to game design. With the single-player campaign I think we led, but with the multiplayer we followed. The fans and critics picked up on that. It’s a good mode and it’s fun to play, but it’s not necessarily original.” He continues, “This time around we really wanted it to feel like Doom. We took the DNA of the ‘Doom dance’ – the loop of one Slayer versus many demons – and turned that into a competitive, social experience. When we had one Slayer on the battlefield and let players control the demons it felt really good. We’d rather provide players with an incredibly polished and engaging experience that’s really tight, than something that’s huge with a million modes – which is another thing we did in Doom 2016. I think it’s going to be every bit as satisfying to play as the single-player campaign. We play it all the time internally and it’s really, really fantastic.”

Doom Eternal

Marty Stratton, Executive Producer, also commented that DOOM Eternal is the game fans have been waiting for. “With Doom 2016 we didn’t give players a Slayer experience in multiplayer. We didn’t give them the Doom experience that they got with the campaign and that’s really what this is about. For players who came to Doom 2016 for the campaign, the multiplayer felt like a side cart. In comparison, Eternal is entirely what they want.”

DOOM Eternal is set to be released on November 22nd for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Stadia. Are you hyped to play DOOM Eternal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!