Tetris Royale Is Tetris Battle Royale for iOS & Android

Tetris Royale’s Beta Test Will Begin This Year

A new Tetris battle royale game got announced on Friday and it’s (unsurprisingly) titled “Tetris Royale”. It’s expected to launch for the iPhone, iPad, and Android after a beta test period that starts this year for “select territories”, according to a press release.

Apparently, this upcoming battle royale game is the first game in a new multi-year partnership between mobile game studio N3TWORK and The Tetris Company.

Tetris Royale

“Tetris Royale will feature a variety of game modes, from the hallmark 100-player Tetris Royale mode to massive daily competitions of thousands of players to solo Marathon mode where players can hone their Tetris skills,” the press release explained.

The 100-player mode will have leaderboards for every in-game season and power-ups and boosters can be used to gain the upper hand during play. Also, players can earn customization options by playing against each other.

Tetris Royale shouldn’t be confused with the other Tetris battle royale game, Tetris 99, which came out for the Nintendo Switch in February.

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