PlayStation Plus Members Get Free Apex Legends Items

Sorry, Members Only

Good news for a specific group of people. A free bundle of Apex Legends Items are available… for PlayStation users… who have PlayStation Plus… who missed it the first time around. If all that describes you, you are in luck! A bunch of free cosmetic items are waiting for you to pick them up. This bundle includes a free banner and skin each for Lifeline and Mirage, and a weapon skin for both Eva-8 and R99. Each of the skins have purple hues and patterns of hexagons. However, these are not brand new items, unfortunately.

Apex Legends Items

This bundle of items came out in February, for the same group of players. For some reason, only PlayStation Plus members can get these cosmetics. They are not available for Xbox One and PC players. You can get these items two ways. The first, by going to the Apex Legends game hub. The second, is to access them via the PS Plus tab. The reason it is not available specifically in the game is that a PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to play Apex Legends.

There does not appear to be a special reason or promotion behind this bundle returning. Apex Legends activity seems to be dying down a bit with the underwhelming amount of season 1 content, compared to Fortnite’s seasonal additions. Respawn says that they are actively avoiding ’round-the-clock employee burnout this way. Though Apex Legends going mobile may see a resurgence of players.

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Source: VG247