Monster Hunter World Free Trial Now On PS4

Check It Out Ahead of Iceborne

Monster Hunter is a massive franchise, and the latest entry is no exception to the established rule. If you’ve still not checked out the latest game (for some reason), there’s a Monster Hunter World free trial running right now on the PS4. It’s a prime opportunity to see the game ahead of the next expansion’s release.

Monster Hunter World

As far as free trials go, this sounds like a pretty good one. You’ll have access to the opening section of the game, along with all quests, armor, and items that go with it. Plus, if you like what you see and pick up the game, your save file will transfer over to the full version.

In the event that you do take the bait and grab the trial (and then buy the dang game), you’ve still got several months until Iceborne comes out this Fall. That’s more than enough time to get good before the latest expansion kicks your butt all over again. If you’re looking for more information on Monster Hunter World, you can check out our review of the game here.