Dead Cells Slices onto iOS This Summer

Dead Cells Coming to Android At a Later Date

Dead Cells, the critically-acclaimed and award-winning roguelike Metroidvania (or roguevania), is slaying onto iPhone and iPad this Summer.

Developer Motion Twin is partnering with Playdigious (known for publishing Evoland 2 and Cultist Simulator) to help port and publish the title onto Apple devices. Dead Cells will launch on Android devices at a later time.

In the game, players are required to “master¬†frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills¬†against merciless minions and boss.” With a procedurally-generated castle to explore and permadeath, it’s a challenging but fair action-platformer that is tough to put down.

Mobile features as listed below:

  • Carefully redesigned for iPhone and iPad with a revamped interface
  • Two game modes available (original & auto-hit)
  • Customize the buttons’ positions and sizes, more touch controls options available
  • Include MFi external controller support
  • Premium game: Pay once to get the full experience¬†(no ads, no F2P mechanics)
  • 11 languages available

dead cells

In our original Dead Cells review, we said: “If tight, challenging combat, and infinite replayability in a charmingly depressing setting is your cup of tea, Dead Cells is the game for you.”

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SOURCE: Press Release