Wolfenstein: Youngblood Switch Physical Version Missing A Cartridge

That’s Like The Whole Point Of A Physical Version

Physical versions of games are slowly vanishing from our lives. Better internet and massive storefronts mean you no longer have to trek all the way to some retail hub just to play the new hotness. However, when you want a physical game you should get exactly that, right? So it’s extra weird that Wolfenstein: Youngblood doesn’t actually come with a cartridge.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

This curious news comes via Wario64 on Twitter. They’ve discovered an Amazon listing which reveals there’s nothing in the box you’re buying. Instead, you’ve got to have an internet connection and space for the download on your Nintendo Switch.

This will be a problem for a lot of players, as free space is usually at a premium on Nintendo’s handheld. On top of that, a game like Youngblood is sure to take up a fair bit of room. The Amazon listing doesn’t mention the size at this time, but anyone looking to grab this game for the Switch should invest in a bigger SD card. Alternately, you could grab the game on a system that has an actual hard drive. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is out on PS4, PC, Xbox One and the Switch on July 26th, 2019.